Source of Worley's Cookbook?

mark4321_gwJune 27, 2008

Does anyone know a source for Patrick Worley's "The Passion Fruit Cookbook" (ChloroPhorms Books, 2001; $17)? The link to his site is bad, by the way.

Worley is the hybridizer responsible for the plants that quite a few of us grow: P. edulis 'Frederick', 'Lavender Lady', 'Elizabeth', 'Purple Tiger', 'Coral Sea', etc......

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Try this link:

Pls. check three times over whether this site is legit - I don't know them, just got luckier with Google when I tried;)

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To clarify: this is what I found

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Hi Linda-lu,

How did you find them? I'm usually really good at Google, and I tried forever. From what I understand, Direct Seeds is for real, but at the moment they are moving from California to Tennessee. So they are directing people who are interested in Passiflora to get plants from Kartuz. So I don't know when they will start selling again, but I'll look into it. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Direct Seeds moving

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Hi Mark,

What I tried was to find the publisher, because they usually keep a few books in stock. Somehow, that search led me to this link. Take heart - Google trips me up on the things I really want, too. Bet you I wouldn't have found that great picture of a Passiflora Edulis seedling...

You can actually order the book from them, even though they're moving. The second link I gave you shows 'order form' (underlined), click on that, and you can fill out an order. Always worth a shot, hey, for them, it's one less thing to pack!

You're welcome! Hope they can still get you that book.

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