P. suberosa seed starting

michaelz9(Central FL)June 10, 2005

I just gathered some ripe suberosa fruit from my small vine that I have growing in a container and was wondering if you folks had any hints as to starting these seeds? The actual seeds must be tiny as the fruit is so small. I have had a few babies come up from an area where I just tossed the fruit at before and forgot them but I'd like to monitor their germination. I really would like to start a large number of suberosa, incarnata and biflora for use as fodder for my caterpillars.

Should I just plant the entire fruit while it is still fresh? or wait til it dries out?

Use soilless mixture or reg. potting mix?

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TigerLadyTX(z8a Dallas)

Wait until the fruit gets very wrinkly before opening it. Plant the seeds as deep as they are thick into a mixture of 50/50 play sand and good potting soil. Keep the soil moist by misting it with a water sprayer so that you do not disturb the seeds. Keep the pots in a warm sunny spot...and hope.
Sometimes they sprout fast, other times they seem to take forever.


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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

Don't forget to take the 'sauce' off the seeds. You might soak some for a day or 2 in orange juice, see if those sprout any faster.

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TigerLadyTX(z8a Dallas)

I have found that fresh seeds do not need the "sauce" taken off of them. The pulp that surrounds the fresh seed is far superior to using orange juice to score/weaken the outer portion of the seed and enhance germination rates. All I do is gently smoosh the seed between thumb and forefinger to break the pulp sack - then stick that puppy onto the soil leftover pulp and all...


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