Sweet gooey drops..

Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))June 20, 2005

While moving some plants today I noticed one with some drops on the leaf bases.. (don't know the name for that part..)

'Cource they're on one of my "unknowns"..

Touched the drops- they're Quite sticky.. tasted it.. Quite sweet.

Here they are close:

Anyone seen this before? And maybe have a clue as to which (if any specific) "do" this? It's one of those seedlings who sprouted WAY after you've lost hope & lost the "what's planted here" tag.. Hopefully this will help an ID, at least untill / if it blooms..

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Hi Krstofer
These are petiole glands. The petiole being the name of the little offshoot from the stem that leads to the leaf. These glands are widespread in Passiflora. They secrete a sugary nectar via these extrafloral nectaries, (nectar glands), on stems & in leaves (generally underneath or edges) to attract ants which will destroy eggs larvae & many other insects. A healthy Passiflora will often have an army of ants marching up and down it doing the cleaning.
Your plant is probably P. incarnata.

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

Gotcha. And some of these glands are supposed to mimic the eggs of butterflies as in "i already have been attacked, go away" right? I've just (obviously) never seen them secrete anything in such abundance. These drops are BIG!

It very well could be an incarnata- I planted a bunch of those last year.

I recently had *something* sprout in a seed tray I'd given up on.. I put it outside on the bottom of one of my plant racks with a couple other trays on top of it. Happened to move the upper trays & found sprouts underneath.. The nite-time dew had been enough moisture to trigger germination I guess.. 'Cource (once again) the tags went somewhere else long ago so now I have more "mystery" seedlings. Simply reinforces the 'never ever give up' attitude I'm trying to develope with these guys. ...And don't loose the tags either.

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