Tree Peony Going Herbaceous

JoeGreenThumb(8b)March 21, 2013


I am new to this forum and have a couple of questions.

1) How long does it normally take a newly planted tree peony to bloom? I planted a Paeonia rockii 'Lan Die Ying Chun' (Blue Butterfly Greeting Spring) three years ago. This Spring makes its third year. It is healthy as has many woody canes.

2) I planted a Paeonia suffruticosa 'Er Qiao' (Twin Beauty) about five years ago. In its second year all but one cane survived. I now have herbaceous growth coming from the ground and just the one healthy cane. Will this ever bloom? Should I replant it much deeper or am I too late?

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Number one I would not worry about, it will bloom when ready. Number two I would plant deeper and rub off the herbaceous buds as they are taking the energy that should be going to your tree. Al

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Did your rockii peony tree Lan Die Ying Chun ever bloom last year? I wonder if you have any photos of the flower? Where did you buy your peony trees from?

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Hello, Yes it did bloom. It had two blooms. They were pretty. I did not take photos. I purchased it from B & D Lilies at a Flower and Garden show.

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Thank you for responding. Can you tell me whether the color is really blue as the name says? Is it a bluish pink?

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It is a light bluish/pink. More pink than blue. I am anticipating more blooms this time. I will try and remember to post photos.

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I believe that your herbacous root must have started taking all the energy instead of having it run into the tree peony part. When you dig it up, the herbaceous root should have probably swollen to a much greater size than it was originally.

The best thing you can do is to dig it up, take off any of the hebaceous shoots, take out a bit of bark on the woody tree peony stem near the base to encourage callus formation, thus rooting, then plant the whole thing into a long 5 gallon or larger pot with good draining soil.

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