Question about eyes being exposed thru winter

cherry67(6)March 18, 2013

I planted some potted peonies last year during the spring, but I've noticed on a couple of them that some of their topmost "eyes" were exposed. Off and on a few times I would try to gently pack a little bit of dirt over them, but it would always wash away. We have had a pretty mild winter here in the south this year, it dipped in the low twenties, maybe the upper teens a few nights, but I can't help but worry if the eyes that were exposed above ground will be damaged somehow. Do you think they will send up shoots? Anyone know what I should expect?

Thanks in advance!

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I have the opposite problem. I want my buds exposed during the winter, and I keep finding them covered. I wash off the extra soil,usually, this year I am having to haul some away. Al

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You didn't say where you were located (i.e. zone). If you have had snow cover for most of the winter they should be ok. You could just put some mulch over them and then pull it away when it warms up a bit more. In the future when planting new peonies in the fall it's always a good idea to put mulch over the top to help prevent heaving. Just be sure to take the mulch off in the spring.

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Hey Al, how ya doing? :) I wondered if you were still hanging out on here. I haven't been here for quite some time... :)


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Diann send me an email direct. Al

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I'm in zone 6, or zone 7 depending on the source I'm looking at lol. They were covered with leaves thru most of the winter although I would go and remove some from time to time because I thought it may be best for them to breath a little.
I've read so many conflicting things about mulching peonies...some say mulch, others say if you live in the south it's best not to mulch so they can get a chill. The eyes seem to be stretching a bit more, one is ready to pop open and create a stem, but it seems like they are doing it all a bit late. Last spring when I purchased them in containers they had stems and some with buds by's kind of concerning...

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Hardly anyone has the growth they had experienced last year.

As far as mulching depends on what you are mulching for. Many mulch the first year to prevent ground heaving. Last year most areas needed to mulch to conserve what moisture was in the ground. If you do mulch remove early if you covered the whole crown. You can cause the clump to rot if you cover it with mulch.

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