Got My Itohs Today

graycrna4uMarch 13, 2014

I got my Lollipop and Pink Double Dandy Itohs from Michigan Bulb today. I had a code from this forum for 50% off so I got both for $25.00 each. I am attaching pictures. I was pleased with the plants. Each looked great with at least 5 to 7 eyes on each plant. By the way, can someone tell me how to post multiple pictures? I can only attach one to each post. Thanks.

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WHOOOOOHOOOOO!! Looks like a nice root for $25! I ordered both of them from Michigan Bulb too but won't see mine for another month or so in zone 5....

Think you have to upload photos to another sharing site, group them then post here to do more than one at a time. Hopefully someone more tech savy than me will give instructions, I haven't posted more than one at a time, either.....

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I was impressed. The plants are at about 1.5 feet high with multiple eyes. We'll see how they grow.

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Just realized, I ordered Yellow Doodle Dandy (Yumi) and Lollipop from MB. Did they have Pink Double Dandy, too?? I missed one....
Went online to MB and looked at what they offered, the name says Yellow Doodle Dandy but the pic is of Pink Double Dandy. Wonder which one it'll actually be???!!

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Wow, I wasn't aware that MB ships potted itohs. I was expecting a bareroot itoh plant when I placed the order for the Lollipop peony. It does not look too bad for $25. graycrna4u, Can I ask how were you able to count the eyes on the plant? It looks like it was potted.

Liz, I hope that you will get Yumi. If I know MB has this itoh for sale, I would also order it.

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So I'm getting an education with the Doodle Dandy Itohs--looks like Pink Double Dandy (Keiko) is different from Yankee Doodle Dandy but both are pink. Now I need to find Yumi or Yellow Doodle Dandy! And to pay more attention to the name of the plant I'm ordering.......
Kousa, looks like I'll be searching for Yumi for next fall, absolutely love the pictures I've seen of it!

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I am also confused about the names. I thought Keiko is Yankee Doodle Dandy. I did not know Pink Double Dandy is different.

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Keiko is pink double dandy. Yankee Doodle Dandy is a purple/pink/white itoh. I think yellow double dandy is Yumi.

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That's exactly what I saw when I finally realized I needed to do some research! On it shows each as registered, the blooms are slightly similar in color on Keiko and Yankee Doodle Dandy but one is a foot taller, spread around the same. I'm glad I bumbled my way into both of them, now just need to find Yumi!

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Congrats Gray on your new babies!

I am too looking for some Itohs because I was told they do fine in S CA. However, I had no idea they were so pricey! I was hoping to get some 5 gallons until I saw the price tags!

So for the size you just bought will they bloom this summer or no? If not, how long must we wait? I must admit patience is not my greatest virtue! Lol

Have a great day.

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I got an email from Michigan Bulb saying my Itohs should be here 21-23 March. Unfortunately we leave for vacation 21 March and won't be back until the 30th! Luckily my mother will be here to at least open up the box, water them and put them in the garage until we get back....

No-Clue, the ones from Michigan Bulb should not bloom this spring, not enough root mass to support. Even if it forms a bud it should be pinched off. I'll probably just move the root from the teeny pot it's sold in to at least a 3 gallon pot then plant out in the fall. There's a possibility they will bloom next year but I'm betting on the year after. The big 5 gallon Monrovia pots will certainly bloom if you decide to go that way, though.

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I also received a note from MB that my plants are on the way. I hope the Lollipop itoh will be in good shape.

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I received my Lollipop itoh today. It looked exactly like Gray's picture of his itohs except the leaves were a bit wilted and the roots were really dry. I quickly gave it a good soaking and then planted it.

Gray, you are right about the eyes. There were about 7 eyes on my plant.

Liz, if you are reading this, please ask your Mom to check the roots and if they are really dry like mine, give it a good soak.

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Thanks for the heads up, Kousa! I did call my mother and she did take them out of the box and watered them. They look healthy but I don't think they have as many eyes as yours and graycrna4u's do. I'll probably pot them up and keep them that way until fall then plant them out. Even this small I'm glad I got them--too many others out there to get large divisions of everything! And MB's price was certainly right.

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The eyes are probably buried under the wrapping. I planted it outside when I received it. One night, temps went down to 20 degrees and the foliage was all wilted the next day. It is smart of you to plan to plant it in a pot. That is what I should have done.

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Kousa, it looks like you still have a lot of un-activated buds. You might be able to try some spring grafting using those buds.

My experiment with the fernleaf still looks so good so far, and I intend to take them outside to plant tomorrow to try to squeeze in a dormancy cycle.

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How do I graft buds? Do I slice the bud and graft it on a herbaceous peony root? How do I line up the cambium layers of the two pieces? Sorry, I can't visualize it.

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