Need tips for rooting passiflora incarnata

LullabyF360June 25, 2013

I have these growing wild in random parts of my property. I absolutely LOVE these flowers. However, all the spots they grow are in locations such as where we are going to pave for a place to park our boat, in the middle of the yard where the mower eats them, where we drive/park vehicles, etc. I want to create a special little garden just for these to grow in safety. No nursery or store remotely near me sells any type of passiflora. I have asked if they could possibly order them & they all flat out tell me no. The only place online that I am able to order is Amazon (I dump my change into a CoinStar & get gift cards). They are expensive on Amazon, not to mention the shipping, & that is if they have it avaliable. Plus, there is no guarantee what shape it will be in when it arrives. This is why I do not buy plants online. I have tried growing them from seed with no luck whatsoever. Yes, I know it can take a good long while before they germinate, but after almost two years in the dirt without so much as a single disturbance, it is safe to say they won't be doing anything. Another method I have tried is root segments. Nada. They either rotted or shrived up. So, alas, I am doing my damnedest at rooting cuttings. This is where I need the advice. I am currently trying to simply root them in water. From what I understand, it is possible with the maypops. I tried it once this year already, but I think the cutting I took were too thin & "new" to use. This go around I am thinking I should take cuttings from right at ground level. Also, should I clip off all of the leaves?

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Lullaby, the runners/roots run deep. Take a sharp spade and dig down about a foot and get some roots. Immediately plant them where you want them and keep them MOIST. They will look like they are dying, but they will be fine - just keep them moist and they will take off. There's no need to buy them if you have access to them.

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