P. trifasciata

karyn1(7a)June 28, 2007

This one has been blooming like crazy. Too bad the blooms are nothing to look at, kind of ugly actually but the foliage is pretty.


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Here i am researching for info and I see a familar name. Perhaps you can help. I have a friend who wants a cutting of some of my passionvines but I have no idea how to start a cutting or even what you cut. My guess is that you take the end of a vine and remove all but the last few leaves. Dip into root hormone and put in a moist soil perhaps covered and in the filtered sun. Any help will be appreciated. Bill

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cocomo(z10 / PR)

Hi Bill:

Here is a piece of advice I was given and that has worked for me. I used to cut a piece of vine that was too short and they always ended dying instead of rooting. The advice is to cut a piece of vine that has at least one branching. That is that it includes a "Y" shape in it. Usually when you cut such a piece it is large enough so that it will take root a make a new plant.


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Bill I sent you an email through GW.

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