Peony for zone 11?

hawaii50(z10 HI)March 2, 2007

I wish I could grow hearbaceous peonies or tree peonies. Does anyone know of any variety that can grow and bloom in zone 11? Or some method to get them to grow and bloom here?

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Peonies (paeonia) need a cold treatment period and is the reason why more southern climes do not grow this plant.

A better reason for yourself would be: aside from the fact that the plant needs a cold period....
can you buy the plant in your neck of the woods?

If you cant buy it, the question is moot.

A friend once, took a maple tree to his Florida home and planted it there. How he got it across the border---he refuses to say. He got it there; thought it would be a nice conversation piece for himself and his American neighbors.
He returned the next fall expecting to see his beloved maple....a neighbor had dug it had died the first time it went through the Florida heat.

Of course it did....don't know what went through his mind when he thought a northern tree could grow in a southern climate. Same would happen vice versa....a Florida plant cant survive a northern zone.
So possibly you are thinking...."well, if I could buy one...say in The Carolinas...and bring it down.."

Why would you want to treat a wonderful plant like that.
I'm teasing you of course.

I agree though, once you see the blooms such plants make, its easy to fall in love and think you;d like to have one.

I feel the same way about Crepe Myrtles. Cant buy them up here...the closest I think one could be bought would be ---outside of going to Vancouver or Victoria on the west coast....Tennessee. I have friends in Knoxville.
But I wouldn't think to bring a plant back....because it wouldn't survive this zone....even if I thought it could be taken indoors in our winter. It wouldn't survive outside anytime.

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hawaii50(z10 HI)

Most temperate plants can't grow in the subtropics. However, a few can -- one variety of apple, and one variety of maple, for example. I'm hoping that there's one variety of peony that can grow here.

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Hawaii50 check with Rick Rogers, Brothers Herbs and Peonies. to see what peonies will grow and in what conditions are needed. He does ship to Hawaii but adds a $10.00 surcharge to there and Alaska.

I will try to add the link but if I fail just highlight url and copy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brothers Herbs and Peonies

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hawaii50(z10 HI)

Thanks, maifleur. I emailed Rick, and hope he can suggest something.

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