Peony Kirinmaru

mlee58(Z6 NJ)March 11, 2011

Can anyone confirm if the blooms of Peony Kirinmaru looks like the widely used photo on various nursery websites, i.e. light pink with numerous red streaks? (Just do a Google image search for Peony Kirinmaru.)

I am concerned about paying $50+ for this plant if the blooms are not as pictured online. Many years ago I had ordered Tree Peony Shima-Nishiki (red/pink two toned) and Tree Peony Kamata-Nishiki (supposedly wisteria blue). The first turned out solid pink, received a replacement that bloomed solid red. The latter was dark violet with no hint of blue at all, and yet the same picture with the blue flowers are still widely used today.

I am therefore a bit skeptical that the same picture is posted by all these vendors for Peony Kirinmaru and not many images from actual owners to be found.

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It takes several years for tree peonies to establish themselves. Soil conditions and where planted have a lot to do with how the plants develop. So the first couple of years the colors may not be the same as after 10 years.

Shima-Nishiki and Kamata-Nishiki are both considered to be brocade flowered tree peonies. Their flowers have streaks of color which appear similar to some brocade fabrics. If you look at the petals close up you can see the pattern but at a distance it appears one color. Given this information I do not think you will be ever satisfied with this type of peony so it might be best to stick to single color peonies.

Most Kamata-Nishiki do look like the pictures. You need to find a color swatch of wisteria blue and turn it several angles while looking at the swatch. The color will show several hues depending on the angle the swatch is held but most will have a pinkish hue. You should try to remember that there is no real blue peony at this time and in many parts of the world blue is similar to lavendar and most have a pink tone to them.

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mlee58(Z6 NJ)

Maifleur, thanks for the response. I have had the Shima-Nishiki and Kamata-Nishiki in my garden for over 10 - 15 years and the blooms are consistent year after year. The vendor I bought these from actually has quite a number of complaints filed against them for not sending the correct plants. The 2 "Shima-Nishiki" plants I received are not only different in shades of red, but also completely different in bloom form and petal shape/count. I have found pictures of Kamata-Nishiki online from other gardeners that look exactly like mine (no lavender shades) and they are a far cry from what most of the online vendors post online or in their print catalogs. I am not discounting the possibility that a bunch of us might have all bought from a batch of mislabeled plants.

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