Tree Peony & Blackberry vine

patty570March 4, 2006

I have a nasty blackberryvine growing up right beside the trunk of my tree peony. The tree peony is approximately 10 years old. The blackberryvine I have no idea. In the past I have been snipping the vine off at ground level because I heard tree peonies are very sensitive. How do I get rid of the blackberry vine without disturbing the tree peony?

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

Train some stems from the vine away from the peony. When they are long enough, spray or paint them with glyphosate (diluted to about 1%). If it comes back, then you didn't get enough leaf coated with the weedkiller. Repeat until the vine doesn't come back.

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We have the blackberry curse here also. We cut the stems off close to the ground when they are growing fast and immediately paint the end of the stem with full strength 41% roundup. This usually stops it for a year but it usually shows up next year, If you repeat everytime it appears you will weaken it and it will be gone. If no other plants are in the area it can be controlled with a spray of 'brush be gone' when the plant is growing fast. Al

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