festiva maxima division

ikea_gwMarch 5, 2009

I have grown only a few peonies so this is probably a newbie question. I bought four peony divisions at costco today, 2 festiva maxima and 2 buckeye belle. The buckeye belle divisions look like normal herbaceous divisions, eyes and then whole bunch of finger shaped fat roots attached to the crown. The festiva maxima though not only have tiny little eyes in comparison they also have just 1 big piece of root. It almost looks like a piece of ginseng if you have seen it with some eyes at one end. Is this normal? Thanks for the help!.

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Normal yes. Different types are divided differently, or were divided by two suppliers who divide depending on how their roots look.

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Whenever Costco has peonies I don't already have I will buy a box. Sometimes half in the box will be duplicates of plants I am already growing. I pot them all up and grow them till fall. Those I want to add to my garden are then planted and the others I leave in their pot until next spring when I will donate them to a garden club plant sale. Al

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calistoga, do they bloom the first year? By the look of the divisions, I am not sure these would actually do much the first year.

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Ikea they will not bloom this year and probably not next year either. Peonies are for the long haul and will be blooming fifty years, but not the first couple. If I dig an established peony in the fall, I can get substantial divisions with large root storage tubers that will bloom the next spring, but such divisions are difficult to find for sale. Al

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