Passiflora leaves curling up!

piksi_hk(9)July 20, 2005

I received a red passi for my birthday, and I repotted it a few days ago. It was watered and have been kept in the garage as it has been raining. I place it two days ago in the sun; partly cloudy. Today I noticed leaves are curling upward and dropping off. What is the matter with it? Is it in shock? too much water? too much sun? Help!

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turtledon(z6 TN)

I had a P. Lady Margaret that did the same thing. The only information that I could find was that it might have been a leaf virus, which is fatal. I hope i'm wrong, but I don't think so. Don't be in a hurry to repot any until they have adjusted to your home and are growing well. Good luck anyway.

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

I dunno- Is it all the leaves?

I recently had a quadrangularis who's leaves all curled, dried & dropped. The plant was dead in a week, while another right next to it (seedlings from the same seed tray, same dirt, water, etc) is doing just fine.

I looked for bugs but no luck.. It's a mystery.. But I lost the whole plant- WHo had been doing quite well.. THen all the sudden POOF! Dead.

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sinner_gurl(LA z9& HUMID!)

There is a passiflora virus called fireblight. The tips of leaves curl inward and continue to worsen. The plant does not respond to water and fertilizer. Disposing the plant keeps it from spreading.
Other than that, if you don't think it is a virus and the plant is not getting worse. Check for insects. Some stink bugs have been known to cause leaf shriveling. There is a type of mite (russet mite I think) that causes leaves to curl but you will see small stippling spots on the top of the leaf. There is also a bug called a leaf roller- it usually affect fruit trees and canna but also has been known to affect passiflora. The catapillar will roll the leaf around itself sorta as protection while it feeds. Unroll leaves to see if they are present. Insecticide will take care of these pests. Check your leaves, top and undersides with a magnifying glass to see little mites they hide in the veins where the leaf connects to the stem and also lay thier eggs there. Look like very tiny dots.
Hope this helps

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