Help with Ruby Glow & Decaisneana

Mystyspassion(Z6 NJ)July 6, 2006

Now the Ruby Glow is growing Tall but some of the leaves seemed to be slightly deformed in spots; scrunchy. Now one of my Decaisneana seems to be growing tall but my other seems to be growing slowly and I noticed today that it has like an orangy/rust color where the stem meets the plant medium.

I have read that a lot of the Square Stem Varieties carry a latent Virus. My Macrocarpa seems to be growing very well and dosen't seem to have the problems the other square stems do.

Now is there anything I can do to prevent the scrunchy deformed leaves on the Ruby Glow?

What about the Rusty color? I know it probably has something to do with vitamins but not sure what. Is there another reason it could be growing so slow; I noticed there was a white dust on one of the leaves so because I can't find any bugs I assume it's a fungus and I lightly sprayed with a Fungus Preventer/Killer. etc.

Also all Plants are Bug Free; no mites, etc.

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Mystyspassion(Z6 NJ)

Well I think I figured out the Problem with the Decaisneana; because it still hasn't grown at all since buying it in may I decided to look at the roots; and I think that's where the problem was. I noticed that there was a drainage issue; and although there were lots of newer white roots; many of the older roots seemed brown and limpy; so I cut all the brown off;and trimed up whatever I could leaving mostly the white roots. I put in new potting soil with lots of Perilite & Loaded the bottom with Clay Shards. I had received 5 plants in May and I was going away for a few days and wanted to get them all potted; and I remember I didn't have a lot of perilite left when I replanted the last Plant; so although it had Sterile Potting Soil, Peat and some perilite; it obviously needed more. So hopefully I will start seeing some growth soon.

Now my Ruby Glow isn't producing any shoots; but it is growing straight up; and the new leaves seem much healthier than the lower leaves; most of the first 12" of leaves have fallen off; but as long as the new growth looks healthy I won't worry yet; but I may dig that one up too to see what's going on. The Bottom leaves that didn't scrunch were turning white in spots; and I assumed it was sunburn. But now Im not so sure. The new leaves at the top don't seem to be having the scrunchy problem or the Sunburn Problem; but none are all that big yet; they are just about 4-5" but they don't seem to be getting scrunchy and that was my main problem.

I would love to hear about Ruby Glow's Growing Speeds from someone who has one. It seems to have picked up speed growing but it's actually only 2 feet tall, no shoots and leaves are about 4-5" apart up the stem. I had always heard this species grows fairly fast. The Passi Sapphire that I purchased at the same Time has grown 10ft (center Stem) and has tons of Shoots that have filled the 5' width of the trellis I built.

Would love to hear from other people that grow Ruby Glow.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I started a ruby glow from seed early this spring. At the same time I started incarnata and p_edulis (yellow fruited). The incarnata and edulis are probably 4 times the size of the ruby glow. Mine seems to be a slow grower with oval leaves. It will grow a few inches then sit there for like a month then grow some more lol. It looks like it might start to actually vine soon, it is also growing straight up and is under a foot tall. I have mine in full sun now, just moved it from part shade, and it seems to be putting out more leaves on top and some of the bottom ones blanched somewhat and one fell off- I may move it back to part shade.. Mine prob won't flower this year but it seems fairly healthy and I am just glad I finally got the darn seed to sprout lol.

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Mystyspassion(Z6 NJ)

I spent 3 years trying to get Seeds to Sprout; I have yet to do it. At the end of every summer I just throw the soil & seeds into my Garden Areas and maybe one of these Springs I'll get something. I've heard that this can happen years after putting seeds in the ground. So Im still hopeful; but I don't even bother trying to grow from seed now, It's just too frustrating; and I have tried about 5 different ways and I just can't get them to grow from seed.

Your Ruby Glow sounds like mine; the first 12" only have 1 leaf left; but all the new growth has healthier looking leaves; and it's looking like it is going to have some shoots in the next few weeks. I'll be happy if it stays small at this point; this way I can bring it in for the winter and then put it out next spring. I also have a Macrocarpa that grows slowly but it grows steadily; it is very healthy; it has the same type square stem as the Ruby & Decaisneana. I am hoping I will see some Buds/Flowers in August, Sept. I know from all the other years my Passi's seem to flourish at the end of Aug. and during Sept. But it's that same reason they always wind up dying before I can bring them in the house. Come the end of Sept. beginning Oct I will have lots of flowering; but then we will get that one Cold Night that will shock & kill them.

Sultry: thanks for the info; I was really starting to get depressed about it; I have been wanting a Ruby Glow for 3 years now; and this was the first year I was able to purchase one before the Nursery's Online Sellout. As soon as it puts out some Shoots and they grow long enough I am definately going to try to Root one. I think I will start a new thread with Ruby Glow Questions.


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