Freezing rain

christie_sw_mo(Z6)December 13, 2013

Freezing rain just started here. They cancelled school this morning even though the streets were still dry. I'm grateful for their wisdom.
Bet we lose internet after while.
Very jealous that Joplin is warmer than we are this morning.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

It doesn't take long for freezing rain to do a lot of damage. I hope you warm up a bit. Don't slip and fall.

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It started here around 7 AM. DH called me from the barn and told me to put Trax on my boots before I came out to milk. It has warmed somewhat since and doesn't seem to be accumulating.
It will be bad when the temperature drops later on.

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We have 50% chance of freezing rain tonight and a high of 36 tomorrow. We don't have anyplace to go so we'll stay in.

Hubs slipped and fell out by the compost bins a few days ago. Had a sore shoulder for a few days but is much better now. One of the men that Hubs works out with at the Wellness Center fell too, and broke his wrist.

Y'all be careful out there.

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I'm between Columbia and St Louis. We only had rain, never froze for us. It turned to snow about 7 pm then about 3-5" overnight. Stay safe.

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Welcome Jbraun!
We got less than 2 inches of snow last night but the temperature has been dropping this afternoon.
We got out of having to go to the Christmas parade today in Springfield. They decided to go ahead and have it without the marching bands but if they had rescheduled it for next weekend, that wouldn't have gone well either. We're supposed to get snow again.

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We were warmer? Not so's you would notice. School cancled Friday because the guy in charge of checking out the roads slid onto black ice and went into the ditch.......sure cold today but not the freezing rain and snow they said we would get. Grateful for that. Looking for a mid-week warm up so we can get the Christmas lights up and the tree inside.


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