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mark4321_gwJuly 27, 2009

A lot of us use the Member Exchange search engine to look for a plant we want or to locate someone who wants a plant that we have. When people put their lists together they will often abbreviate things: P. caerulea instead of Passiflora caerulea.

However, if one does a search for "Passiflora caerulea" people who list "P. caerulea" will generally not be found. I'm guessing this may screw up a lot of potential trades, so it might be a good idea to fix it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Member exchange search engine

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After all this time I didn't know that option existed. lol I've always just used the exchange link at the top of each forum. That certainly makes looking easier. Thanks.

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Just to give you an idea of the extent of the problem, here's a rough count. Let's say you want to figure out who has or wants P. caerulea (plants or seeds).

You can search "caerulea" (this will pick up lots of other species), "Passiflora caerulea" or "P. caerulea".

Here are the numbers:

caerulea: 159 people

Passiflora caerulea: 43 people

P. caerulea: 65 people

caerulea but not Passiflora caerulea or P. caerulea: 51 people

So if you are looking for the Passionflower and you do a search for Passiflora caerulea the search engine will miss MOST people (60%) who have or want this plant/seeds.

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Don't everyone go out and start searching! I haven't fixed my list yet.

I guess I better get started...


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I checked for some uncommon plants that I like and found a few people with fantastic exchange lists. Unfortunately they were all in Europe. lol

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Hey Karen,

Like what? I'm curious, which plants did you search for?


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I put in Strophanthus, didn't specify a variety. I also looked for Nyctanthes Arbor-Tristis. A few others that I can't think of offhand. There were 3 people that had really interesting trade pages and all turned out to be in Europe. Even the European nurseries seem to have a more interesting selection of plants and seeds then are readily available here.

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