Sprouted root - what to do? (Peony newbie here)

alina_1March 5, 2007

Hello everyone,

I bought some really nice Peony varieties at the local Costco. All roots have 4-5 eyes instead of 2-3 as it's written on the package. Some of them, however, have sprouts up to 5" long. The sprouts are pinkish and look anemic. Is it a bad thing? Should I pinch them? Please advise!



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Plant them. The sprouts are this years leaves. If you pinch them you will lose most of the growth. If you can not dig in your soil plant in pot until soil is soft enough to dig. Provide some protection for the sprouts since most will be mostly above ground such as leaves or straw until the end of March.

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Thank you, Maifleur, for the prompt reply and for the advice!
Happy gardening!

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