TP & black walnut trees;ok or nix it

ccckoball(z 8)March 21, 2006

Any sage advice out there for whether Tree Peonies and herbaceous peonies are immune to the juglone kicked out by black walnut trees? My tree is large. I have many other peonies,mostly herbaceous,but also about 1/2 doz. TP in my garden further away from tree. Old rhodies by tree are starting to kick the bucket..I'd like to replace them with tree peonies,but...hmmmm..lots of $$ if it's just peonicide. Any knowlege or experience is handy. -Googled juglone & didn't get any specifics on TPs. Thanks. ccckoball

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ccckoball(z 8)

To clarify; the info I found on blk walnut trees and peonies was inconclusive because 'peony' was listed on some sites as being juglone tolerant, while on other sites was listed as juglone sensitive. No sites that I ran accross gave specifics as to type or names varieties, so I am left uninformed as to which varieties were demonstrated with, and whether any included tree peony types, or focused on herbaceous peony species. -anyone to help? specific named varieties? I've trimmed off some of the BW limbs to increase the light, as the rhodies are displaying some spindly growth. ccckoball

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I have herbaceous peony and tree peony under black walnut trees. They seem to do fine. Now, given that, I doubt that I would buy an expensive tree peony and plant it under a black walnut tree, cause, sure has heck, it would die. But since these tree peonies were $4.00 cheapies, they are thriving and bloom. Same with the herbaceous. I think the most problems peonies have under any tree is competition for water. My .02. :)

IA Z5a

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I would not even chance planting peonies anywhere near a black walnut. (iris do fine around them though)

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FWIW, I have two herbacious "Moon of Nippon" peonies coming along nicely within the dripline of a black walnut tree. They are not directly beneath the tree, but 5-7' from the trunk. Each plant is a couple of years old and has a couple of buds ready to burst, which is pretty much what I was told to expect for such young plants. There is another (unknown) variety of herbecious peony right next to them that is temperamental. Last year, a couple of blooms. This year, a couple of pea-size buds that aren't growing. Who knows why ? [shrug]

Bah. Walnut trees. I feel your pain. :/

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