New to Peonies!

itzybitzy_gw(7NC)March 1, 2013

Hi all, I was afraid to grow this beautiful plant because I've heard is difficult,and I'm kinda lazy I don't like to babysit picky plants so anyways I went crazy and purchase 3 dif. kinds couple weeks ago @ my big box store since they were kinda cheap and have notice that they started to "sprout" or whatever is call...some have 4-5"stick already and I still have 6 weeks until our LFD so I was wondering if I could put them in pots with some potting mix indoors until weather is appropiate I will take them outdoors and keep them in the pot until they die back and next fall plant them in their permanent spot in the garden I've heard they don't like to be disturb but how come people divide them? I'm so confuced.Thanks in advance for any helpful information:-)

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What you suggest sounds good. When you put the pot outside, give it some protection from the full sun, or sink the pot into the garden soil. Newly planted in a pot in too much sun tends to overheat the roots, plus it is difficult to keep the soil moisture up. In the fall take the rooted plant out of the pot and plant it in the garden. Your zone should have enough chilling if you do not plant too deep. Dividing will be needed for many years, and your plant will probably not bloom for two years. Al

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Thanks Al. I really appreciate your response:)

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I left out the NOT and missed it when proof reading. Peonies do NOT need dividing for many years, sorry. Al

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