Can I Add A Little Dirt Each Year?

AnnaAMarch 26, 2013

Hello All,
About 3 years ago I planted a peony garden - 12 plants. Most are doubling each year, while a couple look like they may not make it another year - but that's a story for another day.

The garden was placed in a new raised bed part of the yard, filled with loose garden bed mix. Each peony was circled with a barrier. The dirt has since settled, and I've added more compost / garden mix over the years, being careful to not add dirt to the peonies for fear I'd inhibit their blooming.

The peonies now sit so much lower than the surrounding area. I'd really like to raise the dirt level without lifting the plant or smothering it. If I added a little bit each year, say an inch, might the plant acclimate?

Thanks for your advice. (I forget my zone - Portland, Oregon.)

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No I think your peonies will stop blooming as they get deeper in the soil. The depth of the soil over the crown of the plant will cause blooming to cease. I am having the same problem with too much soil cover and this year I am removing some of the surrounding soil, then washing away the soil directly on the plant. Next year I may have to raise the plants, a big job causing a lot of root breakage, we will see. Al

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Thank you calistoga, I thought so.

For now I will just keep them protected from the rising soil levels around them. I too do not look forward to raising them, especially when I think they are just hitting their stride.

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