Best casaba melon for Ozarks?

farm_boy(6)December 9, 2012


I've heard these melons taste good. Any suggestions as to which variety is easiest to grow? I know where I can buy Bidwell and Golden Beauty seeds. Or, is there another sweet melon that does better in the Ozarks?


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I haven't grown either of those so I can't say but I did notice that Golden Beauty takes longer to mature so I wonder if it would have time to finish before the weather starts cooling off. What I came across online said 90-95 days for Bidwell and 100-110 days for Golden Beauty.

I've tried growing a few unusual melons but mostly from seeds I saved from store bought melons which might not be as dependable as seeds you would order. I've tried Santa Clause and Juan Canary melons and they did ok but didn't produce much. I'm sure Santa Clause had a long season and most didn't get to finish before cool weather.
I've grew Sakata Sweet one year which is an apple sized melon with an edible peel. They're very tasty and they did well for me but their small size made them easy for something to steal, maybe a racoon or groundhog. I grew them on my chainlink fence and they produced well. I may try those again someday with chicken wire or something around them to keep them safe.

I grew one called Charentais that gets good reviews but mine didn't produce well and the few I got didn't have much flavor. I don't know if our climate is to blame or just my lack or know-how.

If you like watermelons, Orangeglow and 'Moon and Stars' are good ones to try if you want something a little different from the grocery store variety.

It's a shame a person can't get decent watermelons and melons year round. That sounds really good right now.

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