What kind of eggs are these??

shiollie(z5 MI)July 3, 2006

They are only on one part of the passie that is arial, Ihave never seen these before. Do you think they are butterfly eggs??

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Mystyspassion(Z6 NJ)

Did you ever find out what kind of eggs these are? The reason Im asking is that early this morning I went out for my 5am touchy/feely time with my Passi's; and I started wiping off what I thought were Dust or Tiny Bug Specs on a Lower Leaf of my Sapphire and then after I wiped most off I realized this specky dust was hanging in the air. So I bent down and took a closer look and I realized it was the same "egg" you have pictured above. I only have 2 left on mine but they weren't on a stem they are actually standing straight up on the top of a large Bottom Leaf; which I thought was odd; you would think that whatever layed them would want them protected under the leaf. I figure I will leave them alone 2 eggs can't do all that much harm.

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eclpsprinc(Z9 CA)

Lacewing eggs? Those are good guys!

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shiollie(z5 MI)

Thank you soooooo much eclpsprinc!!! yes, they are indeed lacewing eggs. the eggs in the above pic are almost ready to hatch, I do hav one plant that is getting eaten by spider mites so I am thinking that they will have lots to eat. Just as a side note I found a fresh egg on one of my brugs( it is still green) and on the next leaf there is a cluster of aphids.. can you say dinner bell?? LOL

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

i wish I would of read this like an hour ago lol! I just brushed of a bunch of those from some lav ladies.. they are freaky looking.

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