Are my peony roots dead?

zenobia0000April 12, 2011

I have some roots that i've had for a while, bought at a big box store. Anyway, i checked them, and they are brown, i broke a small piece off it was like dead wood inside, not green.

Anyway, i don't know what it's supposed to look like. Are the roots dead? Should I plant them and give them a shot?


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Plant and give it a shot but probably will not live. Much depends on how long ago you purchased.

I have had some that were 'lost?' in the garage for a year or more live but is uncommon.

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Nancy zone 6

I'd give them a shot, peony roots can look pretty bad & still show up. Just be aware that from a box store it may be two years before you see bloom.

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Okay, thanks! The ones I have going now are from a box store, and it did take a while, but they are getting big, and i got blooms last year, and it looks like a lot of blooms coming now, so i'll keep my fingers crossed :)

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