Where to buy?

jwink246(9 Fl)July 28, 2007

Can anyone suggest a place to buy passion flower vines in Jacksonville Fl? If not, how about online?



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Online the nicest, biggest plants come from Zone 9 Tropicals but the selection is limited. Grassy Knolls has a huge variety of passies but the plants are much smaller.

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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

I purchased a collection from Logees, small pots and not cheap but healthy plants. They were about 12 inches in 2 inch pots but are over 4 feet tall after 1 month of being out side, and covered with buds.

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I have grown Passion FLowers great from seeds, if you want to know where to buy great seeds go to tradewindsfruit.com

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I have gotten some nice ones on ebay from dogwoodcritternet

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chrisgross...Glad to hear you have had them grow great from seed. HELP!!! Can you tell me your process? I soaked mine in Passionjuice for a few days and then nicked them and placed them in Jiffy pots. Out of the 40 I planted, I have 2 growing.

I know patirnce is needed for these but what time frame should I really be looking at? Should I do bottom heat? Can you tell me everything you do??


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fmogul(z6-7 NY)

I;ve gotten great service from Brushwood Vines (www.brushwoodnursery.com). Not dirt cheap, but reasonable for what they are. My caerulea was the hit of the neighborhood last year. It didn't winter over, but I was warned it'd be marginally hardy.

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Flutter I always use a seed mat for germinating passie seeds unless it's the middle of the summer when I start them outside in pots. Some varieties sprout within 10 days and others can take many months. I keep the soil moist but not wet. I also barely cover the seeds. I've had mixed results and some varieties just haven't sprouted. I've had good results with amethystina, vitifolia, malformis, actinia, antioquensis & quadrangularis. I've had rotten results with mollisima, alata, and edulis. I'm sure there's others that I've planted but can't think of them right now.

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chena(z8 Texas)

Gosh Karyn.. isn't it funny the three you had rotten results with came up easy for me along with actina and quadranularis.. Not the first Maliformis tho..and the sp. JS is a stubborn one. Another easy one is Pananma Red...

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Chena what does the Panama Red look like? Never heard of that one.

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chena(z8 Texas)

Hey Karyn.. I had a pic of it but I can't locate it.. rarexoticseeds.com has one
said to be an eduils X edulis flavicarpa
I started seed this summer and the plants are about 8" from the soil line....The germination rate was 75% and it doesn't seem to mind the heat....Hopefully it will bloom next yr.

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