Pics of cold-damaged palms

steve_nj(7-a)February 1, 2014

Today I began trimming cold-damaged trachys & Sabal Louisiana around Willingboro. First pic is a T. 'Bulgaria' by the house; at least 95% burned. 2nd pic is also a 'Bulgaria' against a brick wall. The 2 at this location are also pretty well fried. 3rd pic is a less-damaged trachy 4th pic is a trachy 'Anniston'; not badly damaged. 5th pic is a trachy with damage. Last pic is Sabal Louisiana. I hope these trachys live!

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I feel for you Brother. My grove looks like damnation alley. I think one may be a goner The others could probably pull through if the winter is kinder.

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Your windmills look a lot like mine. I do believe they will recover. As for my larger louisianas they all came through with little damage.

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It looks like several of them have a lot of green, so they'll probably recover.

Chadec- do you have your louisianas growing in full sun or some shade? What do you think their light requirements are? Does the ground freeze by you?

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If it helps, I am in 7A Maryland and my Sabals and Needles are looking fine.

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I hope that everything recovers, it looks like it will! My trachys are a bit beat up also. I gave them max protection, but they have some heat damage from being in their protection and now they are covered in snow so protecting them for this next storm is going to be more difficult.
Hopefully this winter ends soon, I see 4 more storms on the horizon just in the next 2 weeks with plenty of lows in the teens so it's gonna be another long and cold month from the looks of it.
At leas the days are getting longer! It's the only sign of spring I plan on seeing until April!

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Chinese fan palm a few days before the blast.

Same palm after trimming dead leaves.

Sago before the freeze.

Its new look as a blonde.

W. filifera.

Filifera with toasted fronds.

I recorded a low here of 6 degrees F. All of these plants have been in the ground unprotected for over 10 years and the lowest I can remember before this season was 12 F. I'm not too worried about the sago or the chinensis, but I am somewhat concerned about the filifera. I'd sure hate to lose her. If you look carefully you can see some dead banana stalks and a frond from one of the many windmills we have. The windmills came through with no damage. This was the most sustained period of below freezing temps in Virginia Beach that I can remember.

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Let us pray for the salvation of our (hopefully) not dear departed frondy brethren.
This is truly sad ;(

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Islandbreeze, I have my louisianas planted in everywhere. Full shade, full sun, swampy areas and on hill sides. I really see the best in full sun at the bottom of the hill where all the water pools. They are a swamp loving palm and it shows. My louisianas have shown less damage than my brazoria. Only 1 lousiana shows damage and it was in bad shape before winter.

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Louisianas are hardy to around zero, but burn very easily in wind.

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I trim very judiciously and leave what's green. I'm mainly sprucing up the public plantings a bit.

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Sad pics beach_bums. I hope everything recovers well for you! I feel like the sago might be okay and even the washingtonias might surprise you. Livistonias are kind of weird, they can't handle too much cold but sometimes they handle it incredibly well!
I'm looking at the old pics of my now damaged palms. I think I'll have to have a memorial post for them this summer at the rate this weather is going. Hopefully I won't have to protect anything in march.

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We had ten inches of snow during the coldest period so I'm hoping it insulated everything from the worst of the cold. I guess we won't know the real damage until spring.

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This might sound silly, but i like the cold damage on the palms during the winter. It makes them blend in with the rest of the plants and its pretty unique haha!

But on the real note. Those palms are still have quite a bit of green on them, defiantly looks like youre going to see a full recovery. (:

Hope they pull through for you!!

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