Can you see a different in these peonies?

jessinpiner(6a)April 14, 2010

I purchased two pink peony plants from Lowe's a couple of weeks ago and planted them on the north side of our house (only gets morning sun and late evening sun). One of the plant's foliage is turned upward on the edges and falls almost flat, straight out. The other, the foliage is not turned as much up on the edges and each leaf seems to droop down a lot more. The one that droops down has a couple buds, as you can see in the photos. Are both plants okay?

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Typo: Difference, not different!

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There is nothing wrong with your peonies they are just two different kinds. They will both be pink, probably, when the bloom. Buy by color means you may get many different plants within that color range. Which makes for some very interesting plants. The bud on the top plant will probably open this year. The bud on the second plant will probably not open. A condition called blast. Nothing wrong with the bud except the plant had to decide if it wanted to live or have a flower. For this year it has decided to put it's nurishment into the roots so next year you will have a stronger plant.

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