Does anyone know if peony cuttings will root?

sgalvezApril 29, 2006


I have a peony plant in our front bed -- something (or someone) must have walked on it, because I found 3-4 stems snapped off and lying on the ground about 2 weeks ago.

The plant had just started to grow -- and I wasn't sure if the stems would root so I put them in a cup of water to see what would happen. Two weeks later, all of the stems still look strong and healthy and the end of each "root" is starting to get a little fuzzy.

Does anyone know if peony cuttings will root like this? Or, will they just eventually just die off? Very curious -would appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.


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goodhors(z5 MI)

I would say no, the pieces in water will die, not develop roots. I only know of herbaceous Peonies, the tuberous roots, to grow from divisions of the roots.

Tree Peonies I think are all cuttings that are grafted or rooted. They are woody stemmed all year though, not just a root in winter. Stems do not die back on these Tree Peonies during winter.

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People do grow tps from cuttings. There are references to it in most books dealing with propagation of tree peonies mention it. On page 28 of the Chinese Tree Peony by the Peony Association of China it mentions cuttings but the cuttings are done in September. There is some studies on grafting of spring wood but I do not know of anyone that has successfully grown any from cuttings.

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