Maypop virus

gregkdcJuly 7, 2014

I decided to try growing maypops this year and placed two plants on my chain link fence that surrounds my garden. Both of my plants arrived form 2 different nurseries looking fairly healthy. It took about 1-2 weeks before they started showing signs of having a virus. Now the leaves are smaller, have yellow splotches and the edges are ruffled. It seems like maybe the new growth is finally showing signs of coming around is this possible with passifloras? I think it is cucumber virus.

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i had a virus with my maypop last year.
think it came from so many caterpillar -Gulf-frits
had a ton of them.

check water also.
if the ground stays too damp, it will make it worse.
they can dry out pretty good before any damage.

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It looks like my maypops are beating the virus. When they had the full infection going on they didn't make any flower buds or tendrils. Now they are growing rapidly again and making both buds/tendrils and the new growth doesn't look sick. Fingers crossed it is over.

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