Peonies are a funny lot!!!

Calamity_J(z7bc)April 20, 2009

Hi There, newbie here, I bought a house 5 growing seasons ago...that's how I talk about this! And I was excited that I had a few plants here when I got being a peony! It has NEVER bloomed...AND has had maaayyybee 4 flower buds that never bloomed. I went to a church/plant sale and bought a peony for $3 and it bloomed the same year AND has a bud on EVERY stalk as we speak!!!lol! I was gonna just give it away(THAT will teach it a lesson!!!lol) but feel bad to be giving someone else this DUD! So I'll try to remove some more dirt away from the roots and see if it was planted too's on borrowed time!!! lol! It's ironic that it was the one plant in the yard when I got here, that I was most excited about!!! Whascially Wabbit!!!

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sometimes you have to threaten them. i had a crabapple that hardy bloomed for several years. and i decieded to take it down if it didn't bloom well one year. well it bloomed great and has done so for 3 years now. ralfs mom

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I had a peony that quit blooming because it was too close to my growing maple's root system and became shaded too much, so that's another possible reason for no bloom. When I moved it in fall, it bloomed fine.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

This fall I would dig it up. You have no idea what the roots look like, or how deep it is planted. If all looks well I would replant at the correct depth after working finished compost into the planting location. If the present location is not in the full sun I would move it. Al

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Maybe divide it this fall, too.

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