Will my peonies be ok??

amessunApril 5, 2007

Hi all! I am really worried. I have some beautiful white peonies that have been in the same bed for 20+ years. I know this isn't the optimal time to transplant, but last week I was forced to move them or lose them because we are building a new garage. They were already about 4-5" tall. This week the temperatures have been in the 30's dropping down to 0 at night. They are looking a little droopy and wilted. Any advice as to whether they will spring back?? Anything I could do for them? The low temps will continue until next week Thanks.

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If they were well planted when moved they will be fine. Always some root feeders are lost when transplanting, but the energy stored in the roots will give the plant time to grow new feeders. Foliage in the meantime can be expected to wilt and you may lose this years bloom but not the plant. Al

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