top cut off......what to do?

debandrosesApril 23, 2013

The lawn guy went wild with the weed eater and cut off the top of a small emerging peony. I've lived here for 2 yrs and didn't even know they were there. This is the first year they have come up.I'm going to have to move it in the fall because it is too close to my climbing rose but it should be okay for now, if it doesn't die from beheading , that is. It was about 6 inches tall with a single stem. Now it is about 2 inches with only a stem. will it recover? How to i care for it? Further down the fence line another is growing and looks great with multiple stems, about 18 inches tall and 10 inches wide. I would really like to keep these plants flourishing but know nothing about them. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks!!

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Peonies are pretty tough, it should recover easily. You say it's close to your climbing rose, is it shaded by the other plant a lot? If so, that's probably why you only had one stem while the other had several and was further along. If that's the case, I'd definitely move it this fall. Make sure you don't plant it too deep, eyes should probably be pretty close to the surface in zone 6, 1 inch or less deep. Good luck!

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Thank you so much for the reassurance! Just the answer I was looking for. The climber is a baby so there isn't any shade yet but eventually it would be shaded. That's why the peony can wait until fall to be moved. I don't really expect blooms this year but maybe if I'm lucky? Do they need fertilizer? Or maybe side dressed with well rotted manure?

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I am a crappy gardener and that's why I LOVE peonies, they still look absolutely beautiful when completely neglected! I have learned a lot from this forum, though--stevelau1911 recomments azomite to strenghten the stems, just bought some (haven't used it yet, though-maybe this weekend!) Most of my garden beds were started with planter's mix. In our area, that's a mix of topsoil, cow manure compost and Coor's plant compost. I really haven't done much more for them over the last 7 years except water occassionally. I'm probably a bad example to emulate on the fertilizing front! You might want to start another thread asking for advice on fertilizing and you might grab stevelau1911's attention and get some really good guidance, it sure sounds like he's got the peony thing down pat! Good luck and I'll be looking back myself to see if you get any advice posted that I can use!

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