HELP! I'm a First Timer

lil_rhody(z6b RI coast)April 24, 2005

Last year I purchased an established peony in a 1 gal. pot named Karl Rosenfeld.

Although I did not get around to planting it last year, it came back in the pot and is now approx. 3" tall w/ leaves.

Does anyone have this variety who could offer some info on special care, lighting, fertilizing, etc.?

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Hello!...I am a first timer too..and just bought my first two Peonies in 2-3 gallon pots that had wintered over in the nursery...they are a few inches now as well and my two varieties are Sarah Bernhardt and Kansas. I would love to add a few others and could use some suggestion for very hardy and easy to grow varieties. Should we use a certain type of soil additive or fertilizer to give them a good start during transplant out of their pots?...are Peonies purchased as bulbs just as successful as potted plants?..thanks for any advise!..GardenLove

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fragrant(z5 ON)


I found some useful information regarding peonies at the links below.

Hope this is helpful,


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Most herbacious peonies are very hardy and easy to grow- fussing over them has killed more plants than neglect- that's why on old homesteads with the people long since moved away you can still see peonies blooming against the rotted porches. Plants can live 50 years. Karl Rosenfield: I have this one and it came with the house- it was probably in full sun at the time it was planted but since then it has become surrounded by a lilac hedge and trees and is now growing in my hosta bed- very dappled shade. It blooms in the shade for me but the blossoms aren't as big for me as ones that I have seen planted in sun.
Peony "tubers" are best planted in the fall- container plants are fine in the spring but you should be careful to check the level that they are planted at and not cover them too deeply or they may not bloom. They may drop their buds for you the first year or if you are kind, you could just pinch them off so the plant can concentrate on getting established. Lots of organic matter in the planting hole, maybe some bonemeal.

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