Question regarding my peony

faydom(5)April 11, 2007

I have moved my beautiful peony three times now, and I'm doing it again soon. I'm moving. Since it's been at this last residence, another perennial flower has grown in the middle of my peony. I want to take the invader out, but don't want to ruin my peony. Can this be done? I don't know the name of the other flower, but it has large roots that are mostly above the ground. Any suggestions, or should I just leave it alone.

Thanks, Faye

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Well, now I'm just really curious about what that other flower might be. Depending upon what it was, I'd maybe want to save it too, but would not wanting it growing and competing with any peony of mine.

If you don't mind disturbing the roots more than you already have to, I'd suggest you just work the peony roots apart as much as you can until the offending flower root can be worked free. I've had to do that when moving them, and had grass and clover roots invading them.

I have read (and learned) that peony roots are much more pliable if they are left out of the ground for a day or so, but this 'might' not be a good thing at this time of the year...especially if you are still hoping to see some blooms this season from the poor thing.

I'm anxious to read the opinions of others.

Now...what does that flower look like? Do you know its name?


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The other flower is a long stemmed type that has purple flowers that grow from the middle of the woody stem to the tip. I wished I knew the name of it. It's pretty and it does spread, I just don't want it in the middle of the peony. The purple flowers are almost bell shaped. Hope this helps. Hard to explain. Thanks for your info on the peony.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

You're welcome.

has purple flowers that grow from the middle of the woody stem to the tip
It's pretty and it does spread
The purple flowers are almost bell shaped

Hmmm, I'm drawing a blank on that info. If you are curious (as I still am) you might try asking about it at the Name That Plant Forum with the description you gave above...along with anything else you can think of...bloom time? Fragrance? Height?

They are a smart bunch over there and immediately helped me just this week when I described a plant to them.


Here is a link that might be useful: Name That Plant forum

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Unless you're trying to move the peony with minimal disturbance of the rootball, amd trying to move the rootball intact, it's best to remove nearly all the soil so your're sure you remove every last bit of the "invader" so it will not return again. Even having said that , I've found doing that for other perennials like daylilies, that I can still miss bits of invading unwanted roots, so back come the invaders. BTW, the plant invader you describe reminds me of one of my biggest pest plants nowdays, that was planted intentionally by me many years ago, and that would be very tall growing Lady Bells with their bell shaped purple flowers and thick fleshy taproot like roots, which are a pain to remove. I'm stil struggling with that one or should I say those thousands that have seeded almost my entire garden. If I'd only known------!! Depends at this time of the year, if your plant is still dormant and doing the soil removal before dormancy breaks would have fewer side effects.

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