Newbie questions

madteaparty33April 3, 2013

A citi dweller who has loved peonies from afar for many years finds herself in possesion of 8 acres upstate.
Some newbie questions I have:
--Would you plant directly into the ground once it's completely thawed? I have both bareroot and plants coming.
--My water levels are high and most (but not all) of the ground is a bit soggy. With that, my zone 5, and abundant deer in mind, would you recomend some starter peony species for me?
many many thanks!

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You're in luck on the deer thing--we live in dense deer country and I've never had them even touch my peonies! Less in luck on the soggy ground, peonies don't like wet feet at all, you might have to do raised beds. And the beauty of peonies is most of the varieties are pretty easy to grow as long as you don't plant them too deep. I suggest you pick a type you like (double, single, Japanese) and a color and go for it. I personally like the larger singles, they're pretty forgiving plants and don't typically need to be supported like some of the ones with much more petals. Coral Charm and Sunset are both cup shaped semi-doubles, beautiful flowers and very distinctive, look very pretty with other plants with white or dark blue blooms.

I've always just plunked them into the ground but after haunting this forum for a while (I'm a newbie!) I think I'll try planting the bare root plants I have coming in spring in pots for the first year....

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I would suggest starting with itoh (intersectional) peonies if you are new to growing it since they appear to be the most vigorous and versatile. I'm also growing in upstate NY, and out of herbacous, itoh, and tree peonies, the itoh peonies have been the best performers.

If you quote some sellers on eBay, they might be able to cut you a better deal especially since they have to pay a huge final value fee to eBay. Avoiding that could get you a deal on multiple peonies if you buy directly from them.

I got a decent deal on eBay here, and they are still performing well for me. I'm also in Upstate NY, Rochester so if you are close enough, you could probably come by.

Here is a link that might be useful: When I got my first itoh peonies

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