Peonies Pips & Growths

KarenPA_6bApril 4, 2014

Most of my peonies in the ground are breaking dormancy. So excited. Some seem to double in size from last year. Others remain the same. Some others decline in number of eyes. When they say that some peonies do not like it wet, they are definitely not overstating. But my tree peonies in growth bags are growing nicely. Here is Hong Xian Nuu Rockii from Ebay. The foliage is extremely pretty.

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Here is Nick Shaylor doubles in size from last year.

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Here is Joseph Rocks tree peony division in growth bag starting to unfurl its bud. They looked like dead dry sticks when I received them but the tree is showing really nice growth. This division had no feeder roots when I planted it but it appears to be growing well.

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This is Lan Fu Rong Rockii tree peony which I planted in Dec. 2012. It did not grow much last year but it seems to take off this year with the amount of eyes on the stems as well as sprouts from below the soil.

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Cool, you have so many Rockii tree peonies, they many need to be planted in ground eventually. Any flower pics from previous year?

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Mine are mostly like your bottom picture, and a lot of my grafted ones still appear to be completely dormant so I'm guessing your temperatures have been much warmer than mine eh.

We should get a warm stretch in the middle of the month anyways so I expect to see most if not all of them really wake up.

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I only have one tree peony but it grew very well last year. I am hoping for at least one flower this year. I'd like to add a few more as I make more room.

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They look great, Kousa! So glad they're doing well!

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Nancy zone 6

They look wonderful! Isn't it exciting to see them Mine have gotten lots of growth this week with our warm temps. I noticed one that I got in trade last fall, it is LOADED with buds, I'm so shocked to see that many on a new plant. It was a nice big plant though, a NOID one, I'm really looking forward to seeing it bloom.

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Thanks. All my tree peonies are new so I do not know when I will see a flower from them. Though I have much hope with the tree peonies that I bought as division because they may have flower buds formed from last year. I doubt that I will see any flowers from grafted peonies for at least a couple more years. It is still exciting to see the growths on them. I got a little carried away with the Rockii last year. This year I hope to get a few Luteas to add to the garden.

Steve, it sounds like you have a lot of peonies. How do you manage to keep track and take care of them all? Do you have a system of id's? I only have 10 TP and I am already overwhelmed.

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