Wilted / Dying Passionfruit

sorioldJuly 20, 2013

Hi there,

This is my first post to this wonderful forum and hopefully one of you experienced gardeners can help my wife and I with our wilted (dying) passionfruit. We planted it together with over 300 plants approximately 3 weeks ago in Los Angeles, when the weather was very hot. Even when it arrived, the plant looked somewhat wilted but still nicely green. We then had to go away for a week and the person installing the drip system only provided the plant with 2 minutes of water every day, which I am sure would not have been enough. I attached some pictures and would appreciate any help. Our soil is approximately 60% sand, 30% loan and 10% clay.

In the meantime, we removed all the wrinkly looking fruit on the vine and trimmed it back over 2 weeks ago but still no luck. Any help would be very much appreciated.


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Patience is the key. It is in shock and needs time and water and some shade. Water it deeply for a week or more and cover it with landscape fabric. You can cut it all the way back to the ground or leave it - it will lose its leaves, but should leaf out again in time.

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