Will they grow in Zone 7?

peoniesaremyfave(z5b NH)April 16, 2007

Hello Fellow GWers!

I know I can get this question answered here. My DH and I are seriously thinking about moving down South, specifically North Carolina. We currently live in NH, Zone 5b. We moved to our house a little over four years ago and when we moved in I brought my beloved Peonies from my Mothers yard (she lived a state away in Massachusetts, same Zone and only 20 minutes away so it wasn't a big Zone change). Will my Peonies live in North Carolina? Now I have about 60 of them, a lot of them are very old from family, friends and neighbors. Sad but I definately want to bring them with me.

Thank you so much!


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You need to tell what part of North Carolina you are thinking of moving to. The lowlands have to me a much more humid climate than the hill county. If you do a google for North Carolina peonies the state ag department lists peonies as a crop but I could not find a location.

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Try asking in the Carolina forum as well, it gets more traffic than this one.

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amulet(7b NC)

Yes, and they grow quite well! My grandmother has been growing peonies here in the NC Peidmont (central) since I was little and her peonies are huge! You may not want to plant the peony eyes as deep as you do in NH. I usually plant mine with the eyes peeking out of the soil, but you can plant them just under the soil, and they will be fine too.

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peoniesaremyfave(z5b NH)

Maifleur, Milo_z7 and Amulet,

Thank you very much for all of your answers. I truly appreciate it!

Thank you again,


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Jean Hidden

Hi Wendi,
I live in Raleigh. They grow well here :-)

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When wondering whether a plant can grow and prosper in a particular area, the easiest way of finding out is to discover whether they are sold in any nursery or garden center in the area.

Nurseries do not make a habit of selling plants that do not grow successfully in the area they do business.
So if you can buy a plant in your local nurseries, then you can be assured it should do well there.

The only problem with taking a plant from one zone ...to another zone, is if the zones geographical differences cause such imbalance in the plants' ability to adapt.

Whether the soil they have been used to in New Hampshire will make a difference to the soil they're going into in North Carolina might well spell the difference.

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jqpublic(7b/8a Wake County NC)

I live in Raleigh too. They are actually blooming right now. So heavy the blooms are touching the ground...need to get out and stake them hehe!

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Don't move!!! :(


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peoniesaremyfave(z5b NH)

jnhidden an jqpublic,

Thank you very much, I now know that about your lovely part of the Country.


I agree with you about the soil. I have friends that are moving to NC from NH and they are relocating their Daylily business down their and the purchased 6 TONS of soil from NC(along with 10,000 pots) so the plants can get acclimated to the soil change. I just wonder if I can acclimate as well ;).


You are so cute! Do not give up on your peonies, I have planted so many of them and about half of them I scream that I am going to rip the poor things out because they aren't doing anything and sure enough I forget about them and then the next year I have beautiful plants (probably because they realize that they witch is going to send them to the compost pile if they don't start behaving).

We are going to check out NC when our friends move so it is definately not a "chosen" decision yet. How are things with you?


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lemecdutex(z15 CA Petaluma)

I remember seeing really huge plants of peonies when I was in the Mars Hill area of NC (in the higher mountains). Fantastically beautiful place. Those peonies were almost 4' tall (and they were herbaceous). Of course, that was very rich mountain soil, surrounded by forests with leaf mulch over a foot thick.


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My father lives in Eastern North Carolina and has 8 peony bushes. They do well and have lush growth, but seem to only produce blooms every other year. Anyone know why that may be? They smell so great. Nothing beats the smell of a peony. I think they smell even better than the rose. When they do bloom, their heads are so heavy they have to have help. He actually has a tall, cylindrical wire cage around the plants and when the blooming stalks reach up high enough he feeds them through the large holes. Works great. Just wish it would produce more blooms.

There is nothing quite like walking into a room that has a vase with even just a couple peonies in it. The smell is awesome!

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byrdlady(7b NC)

Hello from Charlotte, NC!
I brought several peonies from zone 6 with me ..... many did not make it. We have loved it here for 11 years. The secret to growing peonies here is the timing. They must be "early" blooming peonies. For the late ones, it gets too hot here. This variety is an early bloomer and has done great! NC is wonderful!

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Can someone PLEASE, PLEASE tell me where I can find peonies locally in Charlott Metro area, I am willing to drive to the Triad area to find these beautiful plants. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Also does anyone know if there is a Peony Society here in NC. These are one of my favorite plants as well as the Weigela and both are hard to find here. I have called every nursey in the phonebook as well as website and they do not carry these plants.

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Hi Monica. I order my peonies from Adelman most of the time. You can find peonies at Home Depot and some garden centers from time to time. You will not find a big variety at all. I don't know about a Peony Society but I have several peonies and they do very well in this area. So my suggestion is mail order.

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How about coastal NC? We are near Morehead City. So we have salty sandy soil. Just moved here last fall. Have heard Bowl Of Beauty is good in the south, don't know what part of the south they meant.

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Zone 7 should have no trouble getting enough chilling hours for peony to bloom. They do prefer a rich soil with plenty of vegetative matter and a full sun location to do their best. In your climate I would be careful to not bury the buds for next years bloom stems to assure they get enough chilling. Plant them far enough apart to allow good air circulation to minimize foliage fungus problems. Al

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