Tree Peony In The Pac NW- Tips?

ms_xenoApril 4, 2014

Hey, all. I used to post here a bit, then times got bad and for years I couldn't buy much in the way of plants.

This year, things have been a bit better. I splurged and bought a 1-year "High Noon Hai Huang" Tree Peony from Hirts. The herbacious ("Nippon Moon") ones I bought from them about ten years back are going strong. So I thought I'd take a chance.

I haven't tried my hand at Tree Peonies before and would love some tips. I think I've found a good spot for it at the peak of an incline. It'll get a little wind but also plenty of sun. Plus it will be a healthy distance from my yard's only big tree. (A Black Walnut.) I know I need to test the soil. My soil is heavy clay so I'll likely need to amend it. Also, from reading here I note that it may be better to remove the plant from its 5" pot to a larger pot and wait until Fall to set it in its permanent home.

Any input from others would be welcome. Thanks.

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Hi xm_xeno, glad things are turning around for you! You're right about amending your clay soil. You might even want to make a small, raised area to plant your new tree peony in. And your thought of putting it in a larger pot until the fall is certainly doable, too. Either way, make sure you plant it several inches deeper than you would a herbaceous if it's a grafted tree. As for the black walnut, it's not toxic to most herbaceous peonies, you might want to look in to its effect on tree peonies, though.

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Thanks for the kind words, Lizin. I've read that Itohs may respond poorly to the juglone put out by the tree. But this isn't an Itoh and will be at least 7' to 10' beyond the tree's dripline. I guess I'll roll the dice come Fall and see what happens. :)

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