What a mess

slowpoke_gardenerJune 24, 2013

I went out to the south side of my shop to check on what I think is Tromboncino squash. I planted 4 plants in a pile of soil I harvested from the drainage ditch on the north side of my north garden. They have not been watered of any other care. I did however spray round up to more or less mark where I want to build my small greenhouse. I am going to make it more like a pole barn so that when I become unable to garden I can convert it into a storage room with sheet iron covering.

The south wall frame work was to be my trellis for the squash. It may be harvest time before I get to the greenhouse. My 16 year old granddaughter is doing the work. She is planning on going into Engineering and wanted to know some practical applications of engineering. So far she has redone my water line to the south garden, helped repair the roof on one of my storage buildings. Build a trellis for the garden. We have more water lines to run and hydrants to install, a dishwasher to repair or replace. By the time I get through with her she may decide to go into nursing.

Sorry I got side tracked, but the squash look pretty good for something that has been planted and forgot.


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That's a happy little squash plant, Slowpoke.

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Oh yeah, that looks exactly like zucchetta (tromboncino)! Don't stand too long in front of it, it will eat you alive :)

I don't know if I will have any this year. I think my seeds must have rotted in the ground. I ordered more, but I haven't planted them yet.

Enjoy the squash. I really like it.

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