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helenh(z6 SW MO)December 5, 2013

I just now see some light snow coming down. I am not looking forward to the bitter cold.

Beau will get to come in at night if the temps. get in the teens. He has a dog house with pillows on the open porch. Honey comes in every night; he has a thicker coat for cold weather but smells better than Beau because I force him to have a bath every so often.

I am filling containers with clean water and both bathtubs also.

Big fluffy flakes coming down fast at 2:45 p. m. - kind of exciting because it is 25 degrees not too bad yet. I have been outside getting tarps out of the barn and getting a wood supply covered, putting more leaves over the well and pressure tank etc.

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

Sounds like you've got it covered, Helen -- I also tarped wood, and dripped water in the house faucets all night. I can use the caught water in the greenhouse. Tonight it's supposed to be 3 degrees above. I would love to see the sun today but probably not today.

It is pretty snow. No ice , though, and for that I'm grateful. Katy goes out in her winter coat that has water-repellant material and seems to want it put on her. She loves snow, but heaven forbid if she'd have to go out in the rain. I remind her she's a Labrador and supposed to love all wet conditions.

Going to make bread and beef stew today. Oven will warm up the kitchen --

Everybody please stay safe and warm until it all melts -- especially those of you in Arkansas, Oklahoma.

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Poor Jackson has short legs and doesn't like the snow. I had to coax him off the porch this morning so he would go out and do his business. Chloe doesn't seem to mind as much but they've both been in the house most of the day.

I think we ended up with a total of 7 inches. My hubby finally got to try out his "new" snow blower that he got almost three years ago. Works great on snow, not so much where it was a little slushy.

Our forecast says it's supposed to get down to zero tonight, so I think we'll leave the water dripping just in case.

Stay warm everyone and be careful not to fall. It's a good idea to keep your cell phone on you.

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We didn't get below 4ð according to my thermometer here.

Thankfully, it isn't supposed to be quite as cold the rest of the week.

We brought Sugar inside for the night. She still has that puppy thing of chewing so it is risky. She is a year old; I am told it will take another full year because of the Boxer in her!

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I had two dogs and a cat in last night. I heard meowing in my dreams and the cat went out. My thermometer had 10 for the low. I think it reads a little warmer because the sensor is on the house.

I am so glad there is a blanket of snow on everything for protection. I had tree wrap on my list but never found any. I think this weather may be when the damage is done. It is a little late to worry now.

This is how my sister in CA is protecting her tree.

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