Sequential Planting Calendar For Now Thru Fall

Okiedawn OK Zone 7June 9, 2011

I keep linking the Fall Gardening guide from OSU which features a planting calendar for warm season crops on one page and a planting calendar for cool season crops on another. On each page, the vegetable varieties are listed alphabetically.

While the info in the OSU Fall Gardening guide is extremely helpful, it isn't in the most user-friendly format, so years ago, I wrote down my own sequential calendar based on their recommendations. I thought I'd post it here because I think it is in a format that's easier to follow.

Please note that the first date to show up is July 1st. However, that doesn't mean you have to wait until July 1st to start. For example, as cool-season crops are coming out of the ground, you can be planting succession crops of various warm-season crops right now to fill the space they leave open.

Note that an "S" is shown if they can be planted from seed and a "P" from plants. For those with a "P", remember you need to start the seeds weeks in advance to have a plant that is the right size at transplanting time. If it says "S or P", you can do either, but your odds of getting a harvest go up if you use the plants since they'll produce sooner.

Here it is:


Tomatoes (P)

Sweet Corn (S)


Tomatillo (P)

Eggplant (P)

Pepper (P)


Pole Beans (S)

Pumpkins (S or P)

Winter Squash (S or P)


Cowpea (s)

Cilantro (s)


Broccoli (P)

Brussels Sprouts (P)

Carrots (S)

Parsnips (S or P)(may benefit from earlier planting if weather allows)


Summer Squash (S or P)


Beet (S)

Irish Potatoes (from seed potatoes)

Leaf Lettuce (S or P)(may benefit from earlier planting if weather allows)


Collard Greens (S) (may benefit from earlier planting if weather allows)


Swiss Chard (S)

Turnip (S)


Cabbage (P)

Chinese Cabbage (S or P)

Cauliflower (P)

AUG 10TH - AUG 20TH:

Bush Beans (S)

Lima Beans (S)

Cucumbers (S or P)


Green Peas (S)


Rutabaga (S)

AUG 15TH - OCT 10TH:

Radishes (S)


Leek (S or P) may benefit from earlier planting if weather allows

Onions (S, sets or P) may benefit from earlier planting if weather allows

Kale (P)

Kohlrabi (P)


Garlic (bulbs, and specifically from individual cloves0


Spinach (S)


Mustard Greens (S)

If a range is given, the earlier date is for gardeners in more northern portions of the state and the later date is for gardeners in more southern parts of the state.


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Nice! I was thinking to do something like this based on the OSU pamphlet but I was too brain dead from studying other things to do so. Thanks!

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That's very helpful, Dawn. Even though my dates are different in AZ, this is close enough that I can just shift dates by a few weeks.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Y'all are welcome. I hope it is helpful.

Tracy, When we first moved here from Fort Worth, I just used the planting dates I used there until I'd been here long enough to shift them a little to better suit the fact that we were gardening about 80 or 85 miles further north.

There still are some years when I feel like our weather here south of Marietta is often more like Fort Worth's than OKC's, so I slide dates forwards and backwards a bit in any given year depending on what the weather is doing.

This year, I probably could have skipped most of the cool season crops and wouldn't have missed them. Only the lettuce, potatoes and onions have performed really well. We got too hot too early for everything else.

I think this weekend I will go ahead and start putting up shadecloth over the tomatoes. We're already having temperatures that contribute heavily to blossom drop, and since those temperatures arrived about a month early, I'm worried the tomtoes will stop setting fruit too early.

You know, gardeners are eternal optimists. Otherwise, sitting here and discussing what we'll continue planting all summer would make no sense at all given that our temps are running above average and rainfall is below average!


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That is great Dawn and so appreciated ! I knew I needed a list like this but couldn't get it all organized in my mind.

Would some Lima beans - like Big Mama be considered a "pole bean" I have been dying to plant some of them and Burpees says they still have some so want to order them. I can use them for next spring if its to late to plant them now. I saw those cute wooden tower pyramids of Diane's that some climbing beans would look good on -- I wonder if there is a pattern for those or can u buy them already made? I find I am needing a lot more vegetables that are growing vertical since bending over seems to make me dizzy !!

We have been hitting 110 for the last 4 days so its taking a tole on all the garden--- only gathering yellow squash and patty pans right now, although every thing is nice and green from the water were giving them. The garden always does better when it get the nice natural rain water on it.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Usually, most of us are referring only to snap beans/shelling beans if we are talking about pole beans or bush beans. Usually we say Lima if we're talking about Limas.

Lima beans are sort of picky about the weather and a lot of folks who grow beans don't grow Limas. I don't know why. Lima beans need warmer weather so I put them in a little later than snap or shell beans. Lima beans are fairly heat-tolerant (with baby Limas seeming to have the best heat tolerance) but excess heat will make their blossoms drop. So, you may or may not get a crop from your Limas in any given year. That's true with snap or shelling beans too though. Since it is so hot this year, I'd probably wait and plant Limas next spring.

We've only been hitting 101-104 but my garden isn't any happier than yours is. I agree rain water is best, and it is clouding up and we have a thunderstorm watch, so I'm hoping for rain (not hail!). Anything in my garden that suffers blossom drop because of high temps sure is suffering from blossom drop the last 2 weeks, but before that I was getting lots of bush snap beans. My bush limas (and pole limas) haven't flowered yet, but were planted about a month later than the snap beans. I am hoping they'll flower during a 'cool spell' so they can set beans instead of dropping flowers. It is a frustrating year.

I've seen plans for those wooden towers, trellises or tuteurs in various gardening books and magazines so I'm sure you probably can google and find some building plans online.


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Dawn, Thank you. This Planting Calendar is very useful give life to my garden.

I just learned that we are expecting another hailstorm this evening... Everyone be safe and Good luck.

regards -Chandra

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


See the 'severe weather' thread Miraje posted or the 'Baseball Sized Hail' thread I posted for more detail about the prospect of wind-driven hail that could be up to the size of baseballs. This would be much more severe than standard hail that is not driven by intense wind.

Today's Thunderstorm Watch/Warning area is under what is known as a "Particularly Dangerous Situation".

Oh, and you're welcome. I hope the planting calendar is helpful in this very difficult weather year.


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I just wonder do any one of you have calender for the flower garden similar to Dawn's Vegetables? A flower list like vegetables would be helpful also.

Regards -Chandra

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