Sucess in pots and a question.

snowling888April 18, 2010

Last fall I planted 2 peonies in 2 20" pots with my own potting mix: 20% of my native New England sandy and rocky soil, 25% of potting mix and the rest was the cheapest topsoil I could found, and couple cups of bulb booster. I covered with 2" of mulch and put they under the deck close to the foundation. These peonies were planted in my garden about 1 and half year,(I planted in spring, I didn't know better) and didn't have enough space to thrill. I dug up much of their roots. I was a little disappointed they only had 3 eyes or so, and roots were not really big. I had moved 3 other, but planted in ground.

I moved they out to a sunny spot in late March. I checked they were alive. Now they are shooting up more than 6 stems each, double the among the stems than those in the garden (I got them all in the same time).

Question: Why they are doing better than those in the ground?


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Your fertilized them more with the bulb booster. However the shoots probably will have few or weak buds because of the over fertilization. Two cups is way too much for any plant. Think more like 1/3 cup per plant in the garden and probably less than 1/4 for potted plants.

Not certain of what your bulb booster contains but you may have a problem with the roots burning. If you can post the % perhaps Calistoga can give a suggestion on what to do with the plants. I would be tempted to remove the soil and add some fresh to lower the amount of fertilizer in the containers.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Your post was a little difficult for me to understand, but if your peonies are still in the pots you planted them in with the mix you used, yes I would change out the soil with a more appropriate mix. If you intend to keep these as container plants for the long term I would consider a mix that will not breakdown and cause a drainage problem. Any container must be free draining or fertilizer salts will build up and damage the plant. Al

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