when to fertilize?

hudvalley(z7 VA)April 1, 2007

my stalks are emerging - about 6 - 10 inches tall. when is a good time to fertilize?

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Hello everyone!! My hubby has just bought me two beautiful new peony plants. These are the root stalk ones that come in the hanging plastic bags(you can buy from Cdn tire, etc). They both have nice little stalks growing already. Now heres my question, I'm going to pot them up, but when I removed them from the packaging with the soil in them, I noticed alot of "hanging roots", like brown carrots. These are not directly attached to the main plant, as it has its own little knobby root. Can I cut these hanging root nodules and propagate them into new peony bushes? I know they wont bloom this year, that they'd probably just get started, but I would love to do this if I can.
Thanks to everyone for reading.

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Melissa plant the whole thing as is. Those are stored energy to be used by the plant. Hudvalley if your soil has been regularly composted you need no fertilizer. I have about 30 peonies that have never been fertilized but compost is used as a mulch around each plant, NOT on top of the plant, added spring and fall. Al

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