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helenh(z6 SW MO)December 20, 2012

I ordered from Swallowtail last night. Most were flower seeds and a few types of leaf lettuce. I wish I knew the name of the lacey one I planted in the fall. That was good lettuce. It was in a salad mix but I didn't pay that much attention to what the names were in it. It looked like endive but was not bitter at all and the leaves had less substance. I also ordered a mild cucumber. I had good cucumbers last summer but don't know the name of that either. I pay for my lack of organization. I hurried to complete my order because I heard thunder. This wind would be bad if we had snow. Imagine what it is like up north. I will probably order tomato seeds from another place. I already have lots of tomato seeds but in dismal winter I start reading about tomatoes; I order for entertainment because winter is not my season.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

helen, you sound like me!! I dont think theres anything I NEED-but I order things I WANT-then sometimes find I already had them. just cant resist a good catalog-I ordered hard and soft neck garlic, and shallots few months ago--they're up now. Think I'll try my hand at some winter sowing, as well as get my grow rack ready to start. INCURABLE!!

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Swallowtail is a good place to order from. They have a bulk seed section with good prices if you ever need a lot of something. What else did you order? I've looked a little but haven't ordered anything yet.
I've been eating lots of salad lately (dieting). We all like Romaine. I wonder if that's one that's easy to grow here.

Ceresone - What kind of garlic is good? The only kind I've grown is some California Garlic that I bought in the produce section at the grocery store and planted. It was surprisingly easy to grow. I should try some other kinds.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

Christie--I really dont know! I had dozens of different kinds a few years ago, harvested, hung in open shed to dry, like supposed to--and some sort of moth destroyed every one. (think kind that sometimes gets in flour) So, I ordered the only kind that Territorial had still available-one was hard neck, one soft (rows marked with the names, but I forgot). I was told the Californai is elephant garlic, but not sure if it is or not. That I CAN grow, its turned into a weed comes up outside the garden.

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Christie, have you tried planting the romaine butts instead of composting them? They're slow to grow, but will eventually give you a few baby micro leaves to put on your salads.

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Well that's interesting Ann. I need to try that.
I wouldn't have expected moths to get into Garlic Ceresone. I thought it was supposed to be a natural bug repellant. That's disappointing.

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