Peonies in pots

terrycinor(7)April 6, 2007

Hi I'm a newbie here but have been gardening for years. I, however, have not tried to grow peonies in a pot before, we moved last year and moved my 25 year old peonies with us. We are just renting so I don't want to plant them in the ground just to move them again. So last fall I put them in large pots they have started coming great but I'm wondering how long you can leave them in pots and not do them damage.

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I would guess that if the pot was wide enough, and deep enough, that they could live indefinitely in one. I would however keep an eye on them, if they are kept very many years, to see that they have not become too crowded for it.

Where are you located?

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Hi Sue we moved to southern Oregon from Nebraska, the poor peonies had to be moved in July along with some roses. 3 of the roses did fine but a couple didn't make it. 3 of the peonies did great and 3 other are so-so but hopefully by next year they will come out of it. The pots I put them in are 20"-24" somewhere around there so I think will be ok for a couple years anyway.

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