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ceresone(missouri ozarks)December 14, 2007

I'm wondering, I'm sure other people read, and dont post---or read and do post.

Do you prefer a journal type post, like visiting over the garden gate?

Would you prefer we stuck strictly to what gardening we do? (not much, here in winter.)

I consider everyone here friends, even if you dont post-and just read--jump in and tell me what you think.

What you think we should--or shouldnt do.....

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I like the journal type posting,especially in the winter time. It gives us a chance to get to know each other better. In summer, I think we should stay more on topic. That is just my opinion. Looking forward to hearing from others.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I agree with Anise...but then, I've not been a very frequent poster. I would try to be if it were more of a journal type.
And more pictures would be nice.


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I add my vote for a journal too.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

I like the journal type too for the winter anyway. I wish i could post pictures but i don't have the where with all. but i do injoy yours. I can make links to interesting sites if i can stay online. Also love quotes to pass on.

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I just love reading about other people's gardens and garden plans any time of the year. Here in Adair Co Ok there are getting to be fewer and fewer gardeners. Last spring I walked into Reed's Hardware Store to buy my seed as I have been doing for almost 40 years and I couldn't find the seed. They had discontinued for "lack of interest" I had always bought some seeds from catalogs, but the more common stuff I bought locally. Feeder's Supply is now the only bulk seed supplier in town. (Of course WM puts up a rack in early spring--packets of too few seeds for too much money.) I love seeing the photos and some day I am going to take the time to go to photobucket and learn how to post myself. Just keep writing. It's frustrating to log on and find very little new, so I say talk gardening, or weather, or cooking, or birdwatching, or wildlife viewing all year long. And if anyone wants naked lady bulbs--or wants to come dig naked lady bulbs, I still have some that will need to come up next May. Dorothy

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Well, I am almost ready for the second wave of Christmas....our son and his family are coming in today. They will leave the 3 grandkids with us for the rest of the week. That should be lots of fun for the old folks!

Dorothy, I asked in your other post about the fryers you raise, but in case you don't check it again, I will ask here. What kind and do you process them yourselves? We haven't tasted such delicious chicken since we quit doing that many years ago but have been toying with the idea lately. I had to throw out the last chicken breasts they were so bad!

I bought a new camera so between cooking, I have been trying to learn about it. I am still in the very early stages of trying to use it. It does have a 12x zoom which we wanted for bird pictures and I have taken a few, very amateurish shots. I might post them on a separate thread.

Dorothy our MFA has just about quit carrying seeds too. We do have a place in Springfield, Hummert International, that has bulk seeds they package and sells garden supplies. I usually order some from catalogs too.

Need to get the day started and then make pies.


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I forgot to put in my 2 cents. I love journal posts. It's not completely off topic since most entries at least mention gardening, farming, cooking, weather or other garden related topics. I enjoy the little extras that aren't really garden related and haven't seen any posts deleted yet so it must be ok.

Dorothy - Hope you do find time to figure out how to use Photobucket. I do think it's pretty easy to figure out. It MUST be since I figured out how to do it. lol The best thing is that there are so many people on Gardenweb using it, you can easily find info or someone to answer a question.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

i kinda ramble anyway. must be a rambling man!


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Glenda, We have been raising Cornish Cross chickens--heavy meat types--for over 30 years. THey are supposed to be ready in 6 weeks, but we let them go 7 to make a little more meat. When our 4 children were at home, we raised 50 every spring and made butchering a family affair--spreading it out over 5 days. Now that they are all gone we raise 100--for our two daughter's families, my parents etc. There is a woman who lives near us who has a chicken slaughterhouse. She can do 50 in a morning, so in two days it's done. She is getting up in years, so we told everybody that when she retired, we would retire, but the girls said, We'll come back and help again. We can't give up good chicken.

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It is great to have any type of post - journal-type or gardening. My personal opinion, though, is that gardening topics are best. I like to stick to gardening with maybe a sentence or two off-topic thrown in. This is just my opinion, though, for what it's worth. All conversation is good.

As far as winter, I never stop gardening. I'm out year round in central AR. This winter I'm planting things, weeding my winter weeds, clipping way back an invasive honeysuckle, trying to grow broccoli and brussels sprouts, visiting my winter-active plants, putting out Starbucks coffee grounds, potting, winter sowing, taking care of hundreds of tropicals I've moved under the house, in the house, in the garage, reading my Southern Living Garden book, surfing garden web sites, etc, etc. I'm hopelessly addicted.

My overall vote for this thread is garden-related posts for ninety percent of the threads, many of which can sure contain other bits of conversation. Thanks for the chance to vote.

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Hello to all,
I sure enjoy reading about all the lovely garden. each of you must be very proud of the end result. I know I am (well almost always). I don't post but enjoy reading, and feel as though I know so many of you. I come here in need of help of ideas when in need. I like the journal in the winter. But then that is just me. William I envey your knowlage.

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