Ruby Glow: Info & Questions Wanted

Mystyspassion(Z6 NJ)July 16, 2006

I have a lot of questions for those who are Growing Ruby Glow.

Now mine is growing very slowly; the first 12" I have lost all but one of my leaves. It's only about 2' tall; and it took from April/May to get that tall; it really seems to almost freeze in time before it starts to grow again. Now the Last 12" the Leaves seem healthier; but growth is still slow.

Questions: Is this normal for Ruby Glow to Grow Slowly? (one other Person on this Forum seems to have the same issues Im having with this Species)

Now it seems that it may be starting to put out new Shoots; but like the whole plant; they are almost frozen in time and only about 1/8" long; but there is one in almost every node. Now once the Shoots get long and Sturdy enough is it Easy to Root? Does it take multiple cuttings to finally get one to Root? Does anyone have any suggestions as to a Tried and Tested way to Get it to Root Easily.

All Ruby Glow info would be greatly appreciated. I would also love to hear how much Sun/Shade your RG is getting; etc.

I also have a Macrocarpa that has the same type of Square Stem; but although it dosen't grow fast; it has kept growing since purchasing it in May. It grows Slow & Steady.

Are all Square Stem Passi's Slower to Grow? Does anyone have info about the Latent Virus that is present in the Square Stem species? And if so is there something in particular you do to your plants to keep this Virus under control?

Thanks for all the info; I would also love to hear about any Square Stem Passi's and how they Grow.

thanks again


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Hi chris,
I have 3 ruby glows,2 in one gallon and one in a 2 gallon container.
They all are over 8ft in length,have one in morning sun only,growing up a tree,so very shaded but growing very well still.
Two others get sun from noon to about 4 oclock,this is full sun for about 4 hours.
Seems all are growing at the same pace.
Been fertilizing weekly with peters 20-20-20,this week will be switching to shultz bloom buster,10-60-10,now that I have good growth,will work on getting flowers.
At this time I have constance elliott and incense and maypop
blooming prolificaly,with vitifolia putting on it's first bloom since Xmas time.
Had a few blooms of alto careaula last week,and holosericea blooming everyday now as well.
I have been sucessful rooting ruby glow,using the wet foam,in 2 clear plastic fountain drink glasses,one for the bottom and the other for a greenhouse dome.
Also have had good luck using the spagnum moss,as a rooting medium.They are very slow to root,I've heard that bottom heat is a plus when trying to root these.

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Mystyspassion(Z6 NJ)

Thanks Don; that is all great to know; I think I may try the peters 20/20/20 for some of the Passi's that haven't produced Buds yet. I just can't figure out what is going on with mine; it's not growing very fast at all, the other day I even carefully moved some of the soil to check for Root Rot/Pests, etc. But I see White Roots; but I would think they definately should have been longer considering I have had the Plant since May. Anyway it had finally looked like it was over the hump and had been growing the past 2 weeks; but yesterday I noticed that the Growing Tip is yellowing, now I do see that there is some growth at the nodes; and I was thinking of taking a cutting if they ever get long enough; but now Im not sure if I even want to take a cutting from it; I just have a feeling that it's Diseased somehow. From all my research this can happen to a Passi without ever really knowing why. I am going to see what happens to it over the next week or so. I am going to dig it up completely today and see if there is a problem I may be missing. Otherwise I guess I'll just try growing one again next year.

Now on a happier note my Sapphire is blooming beautifully; it's over 10ft high and I get 6-10 flowers a day; that was a really fast grower and it's really beautiful; going to take some pics today I think. My Macrocarpa still hasn't produced any buds; but it seems to be growing slow and steady; hopefully I will see at least a few flowers by the end of the Summer. My one Decaisneana is growing fast lately and just starting to produce shoots; it's about 3ft high; I'll be happy with that too if I see at least 1 bloom before summer. All the Rest of my Passi's are doing great.

Thanks Don for the Info on the Rooting; I have been wanting to try the Floral Foam Method and I think I will with some of the Passi's that seem a little harder to Root. The Sapphire Roots very easily; but I can't seem to get a Monika Fischer too Root for me yet; I think I will try the Floral Foam Method.

Do you use Rooting Powder or Gel? or nothing at all?


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