Siting for P. incarnata

hemnancy(z8 PNW)July 30, 2013

I once had a P. caerula growing on the south side of my deck, on a slope. I don't actually water it there anymore, it's hard to get to. I grew a couple of incarnatas from seed, and was planning to put them there, I could try to remember to water. I could also put them on the south wall of my house but there is nothing to grow on. I can't think of places where they could be grown under a tree that have as good drainage, is that important?

Can they be planted out their first winter or do they need to be kept indoors over winter?

Will 2 seed-grown incarnates pollinate each other?

I was surprised when they sprouted, I had chilled them in the refrigerator and they weren't sprouting, so I kind of neglected to water them and suddenly they came up!

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You can plant them in the yard now, in your zone. Protect them with mulch for the first winter. They WILL go dormant, but should return in the spring/May and grow like fury.

These vines will get massive and spread via underground runners, so make sure you want it - you will have it forever. Don't plant it near your house foundation - it will grow up through the siding and into the attic.

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