Carol-1July 2, 2013

I am new to this forum, but so happy i found it. I have a new love and it's called passiflora, just ordered some Passis from GK exotic cant wait till they arrive (temptations and lady margaret)

Ok so here is the question i have some Passiflora caerulea growing on a fence, it spread like a weed. I have a mean neighbor on that side that does not like seeing anything stick up from the fence and just breaks the tops (and it's my fence) ... anyways i was wondering if the tops would be any good for cuttings? I bought some rooting compound and dipped and then put on a pot with special seed soil, and in a bag to promote moisture. Any thoughts?

And i would love doing swaps and trades once i get my new vines in and i have something to trade for. I am looking for Blue stripper... if anyone has seen it.

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Congratulations you've been bitten! No going back, LOL. The tops are fine for cuttings. Another GW member posted a tutorial that is priceless on how to root cuttings here;

Cuttings Tutorial by Mark4321

I would think you plant will root within a week or so for you. Be sure it has indirect light and sounds like you should be good. You moistened the soil before you stuck it in the bag, right?

Good luck!

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Hi Carol,

If you have a ton of material, you might want to try rooting some in water as well. I don't know if that works for P. caerulea, but it does for many of its hybrids. It may depend on the particular variety/clone, time of year, etc.

I've never heard of P. 'Blue Stripper' being available in the U.S., and I suspect it is still restricted to Europe. I'm not aware of related P. umbilicata hybrids in this country, either. I would expect flowers that are deep purple, by the way, as many photos show this. I've seen some that appear very blue, and I wonder if the color has been tweaked.

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thank you RetiredFlorida!!! that post is so helpful.
I will be trying to root cuttings this weekend. Cross my fingers it till work, the ones I tried before did not do well at all.

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You're welcome Carol but I can't take credit for Mark4321's hard work on that great tutorial.

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Ok update, I did 6 cuttings, 2 died within 2 days, 2 more got moldy and look they are on their way, its been almost two weeks and i have 2 cuttings that seem ok. How long do I wait before I plant them in soil?

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When you have enough roots and protect them this winter.

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