Passiflora elizabeth

caocao(7 Dallas)July 18, 2005

AVs, streps, alsobias, and chiritas are my specialty, but I had to order the Passiflora elizabeth. (You know the feeling, right?)

(1) What kind of soil does this plant thrive in? Will light and fluffy African violet soil be O.K.?

(2) What kind of root system does it have? Shallow or deep? (My AVs need shallower, azalea pots.)

(3) Does this passie need to be repotted frequently or kept rootbound? I know that they grow fast, and I plan to have a bamboo teepee for it to climb on.

(4) Will it survive in Dallas on my protected, south facing balcony (ZIP 75219)?

I hope the answers come in before my plant arrives!

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TigerLadyTX(z8a Dallas)

Hello neighbor :-) I am in Garland - 75043.

1) Plant her in 50/50 sharp sand, (play sand), and Miracle Grow potting soil.
2) DEEP!! These grow to be big plants and they like large deep pots. Most of mine live in 30 gallon tubs.
3) Repot as needed until she outgrows a 1 gallon pot. Once she outgrows a 1 gallon pot, go to the largest pot you can comfortably move around. Like I said - most of mine live in 30 gallon tubs. The heck with the bamboo teepee - get a LARGE tomato cage. Cheap and lots of twining area for the plant.
4) Probably. Most of mine come back year after year in the garden outside which is against the south facing side of my house. Anything super tender either goes into the greenhouse, or comes to live inside over-winter.


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caocao(7 Dallas)


Thanks for your timely and neighborly help. Your suggestions are right on the mark.

This passie sounds like a really aggressive grower!


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